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Located along the Atlantic coastline of Cape Town, South Africa, lies the vibrant suburb of Sea Point. With its stunning ocean views, iconic promenade, and rich history, Sea Point has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. In this blog post, we will uncover ten interesting facts about Sea Point in Cape Town.

1. In the early 19th century Sea Point was originally called “Sea Green Point” due to its lush green vegetation.

2. Sea Point was one of the first areas to be developed outside of Cape Town’s city center.

3. Initially Sea Point was developed as a resort area in the late 19th century. Many of the original Victorian and Art Deco buildings still stand.

4. The size of Sea Point is 158 ha.

5.The population of Sea Point is around 13,332 as of 2021.

6. The Sea Point lighthouse, also known as the Green Point lighthouse was the first solid lighthouse structure on the South African coast and has been operational since 1824.

7. The popular Sea Point Pavilion pools opened in 1914.

8. The railway line from Cape Town reached Sea Point on 1 December 1905.

9. Sea Point is home to the most popular promenade in Cape Town.

10. Sea Point is along the Atlantic Ocean.

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