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Our COVID-19 Policy

Hello, Sawubona, Dumela, Molo, our doors are open again and we are ready to welcome you to a new kind of experience that puts your safety alongside our renowned hospitality!

Please do not be offended, in the new norm we may no longer stretch out our hand in greeting you. Under our masks however, our smiles are even bigger and warmer in welcoming you!

We respectfully ask you to wear your mask in public places and to keep a safe distance from others.

From our side, our team will be wearing their masks and keeping our interactions with you from as safe a distance as possible.

Please be patient, in line with regulations, we are required to take and record your temperature.

On entering, please sanitise your hands. Sanitising stations have also been conveniently placed in all common areas of the Guest House.

We have gone one step further by the installation of an air purifier with guaranteed filter technology effective against the Covid Virus particles.

We have gone paperless with invoices and receipts emailed and contactless with online check-ins, booking forms and payment options should you prefer not to use our credit card machine.



Our housekeeping staff will be wearing masks while cleaning.

All our linen and laundry have been outsourced to guarantee that bacteria killing temperature and detergents are used in accordance with latest guidelines.

Our rooms undergo a thorough deep clean between arrivals. The rooms are thoroughly aired and all surfaces and high traffic touch points are disinfected.
Please advise on check-in whether you want housekeeping minimised to your room to reduce contact.

You are welcome to leave dishes and utensils unwashed. Housekeeping staff will have it cleaned in the dishwasher.

Our Guest House with its ample doors and windows allow for good indoor ventilation, fresh Atlantic Sea air! Each guest room has its own independent air conditioner, the filters of which are continuously cleaned and monitored for timeous replacement, allowing the freshest air to be drawn from the outside

All surfaces, with particular attention paid to high-touch items including television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, taps, light switches, temperature control panels, luggage racks, handrails undergo industry-leading cleaning and sprayed with protective antimicrobial coating.

Our room folders have transitioned from a hard copy to being available online on our website. Please open your phone camera and point it at the QR code in your room, open the link and your folder will open.


Dining Room

Appropriate changes to seating have been made to accommodate physical distancing.

Between each sitting the table will be wiped down and sanitised.

Line flow will be managed at coffee and food pick-up areas.

Menus will be displayed on menu board.


We have reinforced with our staff the importance of monitoring their own health, if they feel unwell or are showing any signs of illness, they are to remain at home in self isolation.

Our employees have been trained on the symptoms of the virus and how they can pre-emptively protect themselves and their colleagues.

Staff are screened on arrival.

Staff have checklists and are aware of the importance of strict hygiene practices.

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