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In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 free things to do in Cape Town and won’t cost you a dime, allowing you to make the most of your visit to this captivating South African gem.

1. Hike up Lion’s Head


As the most renowned free mountain hike in the area, Lion’s Head has earned its reputation as a must-do activity for anyone fortunate enough to find themselves in the captivating city of Cape Town.

At the pinnacle of Lion’s Head, you will experience a 360-degree vista that is nothing short of breathtaking. To the west, the endless expanse of the Atlantic Ocean stretches out before you. To the east, the iconic Table Mountain is on display. And below, the metropolis of Cape Town unfolds, its blend of colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers set against the backdrop of the towering mountains.

Be sure to take a bottle of water with you and bring along a hat and sunscreen.

2. Visit Kalk Bay Harbor


One of the standout landmarks of Kalk Bay is the iconic red and white lighthouse that proudly stands guard at the harbor’s entrance. As you explore further, you’ll encounter a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with wild sea lions. These playful and curious creatures often gather on the harbor’s docks, creating an unforgettable sight.

If you want to relax and cool down, you can visit the Dalebrook Tidal Pool. It’s a peaceful and safe place where you can swim or just sit in the water and relax. The rocks around the pool help block the waves, so it’s a good place for families or people traveling alone.

From bookstores to boutique stores Kalk Bay has something to offer for everyone. Don’t forget your camera!

3. Cecilia Waterfall

You can go on a 45-minute hike to Cecilia Waterfall, which is like a secret treasure in Cape Town. As you walk, you’ll see lots of different plants and animals, which makes the hike even more special. You can bring your dog along if you want, but remember that it can be crowded on weekends when many people visit. The waterfall looks the most beautiful after it rains, with lots of water flowing.

After your hike, there’s a fantastic treat waiting for you. You can sit down and put your feet in the cool water of the waterfall. It’s refreshing and feels great after a walk.

4. Green Point Urban Park

You can have a picnic at the Green Point Urban Park. It’s open every day from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening, and entrance is for free.

Offering outdoor fitness facilities and children’s playground there is something for everyone. Take in the fresh air and explore the biodiversity garden.

5. The Company’s Garden


Take a walk through the The Company’s Garden boasting a variety of flora and many tree species. Squirrels can be seen throughout the gardens and bags of peanuts can be purchased if you would like to feed them.

The gardens also have fountains where ducks and geese can be admired and if you are lucky, you might see ducklings too. If you are not really into hiking but still looking for some time outdoors this is the place to go.

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