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There a various ways to get around Cape Town with different forms of transport. Take a look at 7 different ways to get around.

1. MyCiti Bus

A MyCiti Bus stop is right across the road from Leeuwenzee Guest House. The buses operate on a card based system and cards can be purchased at station kiosks or selected retailers. MyCiti routes and stops are all over Cape Town which will make it easy for you to get around. 

2. Uber or Bolt

Uber is the most popular way amongst tourists to get around Cape Town as it’s on the go and convenient. The Uber app can be downloaded in your app store on your smart phone. Bolt works the same as Uber and their app can easily be downloaded in the app store.

3. Cape Metrorail Train

The Cape Metrorail Train is used most amongst locals to get around. Mornings and evenings are the busiest on the train. The Cape Town Main Train Station is 4km from Leeuwenzee, a 13 minute drive. Trains are not always on time and stops can get confusing if you don’t know where you are, it is advised to have a local show you the ropes on how to use the Metrorail Train.

4. Meter Cabs

Meter cabs can be found in Sea Point and busy areas like the City Center. Once you get in a meter cab they will start their meter timer and you will be charged cash on arrival at your destination according to their rate.

5. Mini Bus Taxi

Mini Bus Taxi’s are used amongst locals to get around. You will see mini bus taxi’s throughout Sea Point and Cape Town. It works on a cash basis. If you wish to take a mini bus taxi it is advised to ask a local to show you the ropes and how it works.

6. Rent A Car

There are many rental car companies in Cape Town. To rent a car you will need a full valid driver’s license held for at least two years and a ID or passport. Contact the car rental company you wish to use beforehand to find out exactly what you need to be sure you have everything to avoid disappointment.

7. Walk

Leeuwenzee Guest house is only 1km from the Sea Point Promenade and walking distance to Bootlegger Coffee Company, Nando’s, KFC, Mc Donald’s, Simply Asia, Pick n Pay, Woolworths Food and many more restaurants, cafes and general stores.